How to prepare the peat for usage?

How to prepare the peat for usage?

Advice on how to prepare peat moss after opening

As Nord Agri offers clients a wide range of varieties of bags, including 250L, 300L and 6000L bales, the preparation of the products is very important. When opening up the bags, there are many things and practices to consider. For superb product performance and extraction of all the product characteristics and benefits, you should follow our recommendations!

Prior to usage, the compacted substrate from the large bags of 250L and 300L sizes and Big Bales must be carefully released to ensure that the peat’s structure is not disrupted. This is especially true for coarse-structured substrates, as excessive loosening or mixing can destroy the coarseness and cause the structure to become too fine for its intended use.

High-speed mixers and the force of grinding and mixing equipment are extremely damaging to peat.

The grower must select an appropriate machine to properly release the compacted peat. To physically dislodge the material on a clean concrete surface, a fork or broad shovel is recommended.

As the peat moss is highly compressed with our special machinery in our factories, the most important aspect is the release and loosening process of the peat moss products. With improved aeration and mixed product, your plants will perform better, increasing the growing results, better root structure and continuous performance of the substrates or other peat products!

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