White peat vs. Black peat

White peat vs. Black peat

Main differences between black and white peat moss

Each peat bog produces different peat, and preparing the peat bog before harvest is very important. There are many factors that influence the type, the quality, and the color of the peat. Here is the information about the differences between White and Black peat so you can choose the right one for you.

Peat is categorized by the Von Post Scale which shows the decomposition level of peat moss. White peat is harvested from the top and the youngest layers of the peat bog. Black peat is harvested from deeper layers of the peat bog and is older more decomposed peat. Below you can see the main characteristics of Black & White peat moss.

We at Nord Agri are more than happy to help you choose the right peat or proportion for you.


  • Lower initial humidity level
  • Lighter in colour
  • Optimal water drainage
  • Optimal root area aeration
  • Holds just the right amount of water: 8 times its own weight
  • Stable peat structure
  • Large size fractions


  • Higher initial humidity level
  • Dark in colour
  • Dries out slower
  • Only small size fraction
  • Weaker peat fraction
  • Tiny amounts of naturally occurring nutrients from decomposition

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