Logistics and Raw material price updates!

Logistics and Raw material price updates!

November 1st 2021



Logistics is a big part of the peat moss exporting business – our business. It means that every deal we offer is affected by cost fluctuations in logistics. Additionally, raw material costs are continuously increasing. Besides peat, there are quite a lot of other materials used in our products – wooden pallets, plastic foil and packaging. In the recent months we have experienced almost 40% growth in packaging prices! Also, as pallet costs are continuing to increase.

Therefore, these are the main reasons, why the prices are changing for some products. However, we are more than sure that we still are providing our clients the best services and products!

Why you should work with us?

We ship our products all across the globe. From our factory in Latvia right to the doorsteps of your warehouse, no matter its location. To secure the process and meet your particular needs, we:

  1. We cooperate with most trusted ground logistic firms, container and sea freight companies,
  2. Our packaging manufacturing partners offer the best products with the best prices
  3. We find the best, most convenient and cost-effective transportation and packaging options,
  4. We take care of all necessary planning and documentation

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