Nordagri is getting a new look in 2024!

Nordagri is getting a new look in 2024!

January 9th 2024

Dear Valued Clients,

We trust this message finds you well. Today, we are reaching out with good news about Nordagri’s future — we’re evolving with a rebrand! As our company continues to grow, we feel it’s time for our brand to evolve as well. This rebranding isn’t just a facelift; it reflects our journey, values, and dedication in delivering successful results.

Positioning for Success: Growing Results

Nordagri has always been committed to reliable product performance. Now, this commitment is reflected in our mission to ensure fail-proof soil supplements for trusted results, and is encapsulated in our brand’s motto “Growing Results.” This emphasizes our dedication to growth and reliability.

Our commitment:

In 2024, Nordagri will undergo updates. Notably, product packaging will change for Natural peat and professional substrate products. Additionally, new product lines and product recipes will be introduced. It is important to note that the essence of our products remains unchanged.. We’ve enhanced quality control to ensure your experience remains exceptional. 

Moreover, our marketing and sales support will be even more robust, providing you with greater assistance during this time. Our commitment to excellence remains steadfast — delivering top-notch products, efficient communication, and reliable core operations.

We appreciate your partnership with Nordagri and look forward to achieving remarkable results together.

Feel free to reach out for further information regarding these changes.

Best regards, 


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