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The purpose of the Privacy Policy is to provide information to the individual (data subject) about the purpose, legal grounds, scope of processing of personal data, protection of personal data and duration of processing during the collection of data and when processing the personal data of the data subject.

Controller and its contacts

1. The Controller of personal data processing regarding the seminar/event attendees; customers; website visitors, as well as candidates for vacancies who have submitted an application is SIA “NORD AGRI”, Reg. No. 40103841894, Riga, Elizabetes 2A – 2, LV-1010, Latvia (hereinafter referred to as the Company).

2. Contact information of the Company in matters related to the processing of personal data, including reporting of possible data protection violations:

3. Questions about the processing of personal data can be asked using this contact information or forwarding them to the legal address of the Company. A request for the exercise of rights can be submitted according to Clause 24.

I. General Provisions

1. SIA “NORD AGRI”, Reg. No. 40103841894, Riga, Elizabetes 2A – 2, LV-1010, e-mail:; website: (hereinafter referred to as the Company) undertakes to ensure the safety of the personal information and protection of rights of the visitors (hereinafter referred to as the visitors) of the website of the Company (hereinafter referred to as the website) when visiting the website of the Company and browsing its contents.

2. This cookie policy has been compiled in order to provide the visitors with further information about the technologies used on the website and their use by the Company.

II. Purpose and legal basis for creating cookies

3. This website, like many others, uses cookies to help improve the website’s user experience and provide its stable operation. For more information on the purposes, see the table that lists the cookies.

4. The Company shall under no circumstances use cookies to collect, process, disseminate or register personal data.

5. When visiting this website, a window is displayed to the user with a message that cookies are being used on the website. If the visitors accept the use of cookies by clicking “Agree”, the legal basis for the use of cookies is the user’s consent and they acknowledge that they are familiar with the information about the cookies, the purposes of their use, and the cases when the information is transferred to third parties.

III. Information about the cookies

6. Cookies consist of information that the browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera or other) obtains and stores, when the visitors use the website of the Company. The next time the visitors visit the website of the Company, the browser will remember their actions and will perform some of them instead of them, for example, choose the working language or control the display of the notice of the use of cookies. With the help of cookies, the website is able to save the individual settings of the visitor’s browser, to recognise them and to react accordingly.

7. It is possible to obtain additional information about cookies as well as on how it is possible to manage or delete them, on the website

IV. Types of cookies and their application

8. There are two types of cookies – session or mandatory cookies and permanent cookies. Cookies are also divided into first- or third-party cookies. The above mentioned terms are explained below so that visitors can better understand the nature of cookies and why the Company uses them.

8.1. Mandatory cookies allow recognition of the browser and the visitor’s device, the Internet Protocol (IP) address assigned to your device when you visit a particular website, memorising any changes or choices made on the particular website, so that they can be used in other sections of the website, for example: providing the visitors with access to other sections of the website with restricted access after the visitor has successfully logged in to the website until the visitor logs out. These cookies allow the visitor to quickly and easily use multiple pages of a single website, avoiding the need to repeatedly log in to the website to visit each section of the website. Session cookies are not permanent – they will stop working when the visitor closes the browser which they were using to browse the website or end the session on the specific website. If, however, the visitor opts to disable them using the options offered by the browser, it should be noted that the website will not be able to function properly.

8.2. Permanent cookies are cookies that are stored on the visitor’s device, using which they browse the website, for a predetermined period of time calculated from the end of the browsing session of the website. The stored cookies allow applying the visitor’s preferences or actions on the website each time they visit this website.

8.3. First-party cookies are cookies that are created by the website of the Company. They can be recognised by the domain name of the website of the Company.

8.4. Third-party cookies are cookies from websites that do not belong to the Company. The domain names of such websites are different from the domain of the website of the Company. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, Storify and other third-party tools may place cookies on the visitor’s device to enable sharing content on social media or obtain access statistics. Visitors should review the policy of the respective sites in regard to social networking cookies.

V. The list of cookies used on the website

9.The list of cookies used on the website

Cookie name Cookie type Duration Purpose
IDE Third-party cookie 1 year Advertising
1P_JAR Third-party cookie 28 days Advertising
ANID Third-party cookie 1 year Advertising
CONSENT Third-party cookie 18 years Advertising
NID Third-party cookie 1 year Advertising
OGP Third-party cookie 50 days Advertising
OGPC Third-party cookie 50 days Advertising
DV Third-party cookie Session Advertising
OTZ Third-party cookie 30 days Advertising
APISID Third-party cookie 2 years Advertising
HSID Third-party cookie 1 year Advertising
SAPISID Third-party cookie 2 years Advertising
SID Third-party cookie 2 years Advertising
SSID Third-party cookie 2 years Advertising
__Secure-3PAPISID Third-party cookie 2 years Advertising
__Secure-3PSID Third-party cookie 2 years Advertising
__Secure-APISID Third-party cookie 21 days Advertising
__Secure-HSID Third-party cookie 21 days Advertising
__Secure-SSID Third-party cookie 21 days Advertising
_ga Website cookie 2 years Registers IDA, if used, to implement statistics data, to visit the site.
_gat_gtag_UA_147575209_1 Website cookie 1 day Statistics cookie
_gid Website cookie 1 day For improvement of website visitor experience
CONSENT Third-party cookie 18 years Advertising
GPS Third-party cookie 1 day Advertising
PREF Third-party cookie 2 years Advertising
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE Third-party cookie 179 days Advertising
YSC Third-party cookie Session Advertising
remote_sid Third-party cookie Session Advertising

10. The generated analytic reports can only be accessed by authorised employees of the Company or duly authorised third-party contractors, which may need to analyse, develop and/or regularly maintain certain websites.

VI. Information about the person’s consent to the creation of cookies

11. The website technically stores information (IP address, date, time, etc.) about the visitor’s consent to the placing of website cookies on the visitor’s device, as well as information (IP address, date, time, etc.), when you withdraw your consent to place website cookies on the visitor’s device.

VII. Withdrawal of a person’s consent and restrictions on the use of cookies

12. The visitors can change your cookie settings at any time in the internet browser of their device. For example, the visitor can cancel the provided consent to store cookies by selecting a feature in their browser that allows you to reject all requests to store cookies. The visitors can find these settings in the “Options” or “Preferences” menus of their web browser. Further information: or, as well as on the websites of browsers:

  • Chrome: Google Chrome Help Center
  • Firefox: Cookies – Information that websites store on your computer
  • Safari: Safari for macOS Sierra: Manage cookies and website data using Safari
  • Edge: Microsoft Edge, browsing data, and privacy
  • Opera: Security and Privacy in Opera (Referrals, redirections, and cookies)

If cookies are restricted (rejected), some features of the website will not be able to function properly.

VIII. Changes to the policy

13. Any specific questions about the storage and use of data by the Company or requests for additional information about the cookie policy of the Company can be sent to the Company via

14. If you have any questions about the personal data processing, please consult the privacy policy of the Company, which can be found in the “Privacy Policy” section of the Company website, or contact the data protection officer of the Company: Eduards Ponomarjovs

15. The Company reserves the right to make changes to this cookie policy at any time. All changes to the cookie use policy shall be published at